The Jewelry Dissertation

The Jewelry

Person de Maupassant

Monsieur Lantin had met the youthful girl at a reception at the residence of the second head of his office, and had dropped head over pumps in love with her.

She was the daughter of a provincial taxes collector, who had been dead a few years. She and her mother came to are in Paris, where the latter, whom made the acquaintance of some of the people in her neighborhood, hoped to find a partner for her child.

They had incredibly moderate means, and had been honorable, soft, and peaceful.

The youthful girl was obviously a perfect type of the desired woman in whose hands every reasonable young man desires for one day intrusting his delight. Her straightforward beauty got the charm of perfect little angels modesty, and the imperceptible smile which regularly hovered about the lip area seemed to be the reflection of any pure and lovely soul. Her praises resounded on every aspect. People hardly ever tired of reproducing: " Content the man who have wins her love! This individual could not look for a better better half. "

Chriatian Lantin, in that case chief clerk in the Department of the Room, enjoyed a snug little wage of three thousand five-hundred francs, and he proposed to this model young young lady, and was accepted.

Having been unspeakably satisfied with her. The lady governed his household with such ingenious economy that they seemed to reside in luxury. The lady lavished the most delicate concours on her partner, coaxed and fondled him; and so superb was her charm that six years after their particular marriage, Monsieur Lantin discovered that he adored his wife even more than during the first days of their honeymoon.

He found wrong doing with just two of her tastes: Her love for the theatre, and her preference for fake jewelry. Her friends (the wives of some small officials) often procured on her a box at the cinema, often intended for the first representations of the new takes on; and her husband was obliged to accompany her, whether this individual wished it or certainly not, to these entertainments which bored him too much after his day's am employed at the office.

After a short time, Monsieur Lantin begged his wife to request a few lady of her acquaintance to come with her, and bring her home following your theatre. Your woman opposed this arrangement, in the beginning; but , following much marketing, finally consented, to the infinite delight of her husband.

Now, with her take pleasure in for the theatre, came as well the desire intended for ornaments. Her costumes remained as before, simple, in good preference, and always modest; but your woman soon began to adorn her ears with huge rhinestones, which glittered and shined like genuine diamonds. Around her neck she wore strings of false pearls, on her hands bracelets of imitation precious metal, and combs set with glass jewels.

Her hubby frequently remonstrated with her, saying:

" My special, as you cannot afford to buy actual jewelry, you ought to appear adorned with your splendor and modesty alone, the rarest usually in the of your sexual intercourse. "

But she would laugh sweetly, and say:

" What am i able to do? I am so fond of jewelry. It is my own only weak spot. We are unable to change each of our nature. "

Then she'd wind the pearl diamond necklace round her fingers, make the facets of the crystal gems sparkle, and say:

" Look! draught beer not attractive? One would swear they were real. "

Chriatian Lantin could then response, smilingly:

" You have bohemian tastes, my own dear. "

Sometimes, of the evening, if they were taking pleasure in a tГЄte-Г -tГЄte by the fireside, she would put on the tea table the morocco leather box that contains the " trash, " as Chriatian Lantin named it. She'd examine the false gemstones with a ardent attention, like they imparted some profound and magic formula joy; and she often persisted in passing a necklace around her husband's neck, and, laughing heartily, would announc: " Just how droll you look! " Then simply she would throw herself in to his forearms, and hug him passionately.

One evening, in winter, the girl had been to the opera, and returned residence chilled all the way through. The next early morning she coughed, and ten days later on she died of inflammation of the lung area.

Monsieur Lantin's...


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