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About Sobre. ofweek. com

En. ofweek. com is usually an professional B2B platform for global high-tech items; which is a 3rd party e-commerce program subordinating to OFweek. com. We focus on providing one-stop trading companies, diversified value added service, promotional services and many other services to global high-tech products customers, suppliers, merchandisers, manufacturers along with many other business fields. We have over 50 thousand members across one hundred ninety countries and regions. Range of our people is keeping growing each day.

For Buyers---Precise, fast and low cost purchase

1、 Numerous Products Methods

Our products cover Photovoltaic, LED Light, Automation, Electronics, Telecom, Secureness, Electronic Components, Consumer Electronics and many more twenty high-tech industries. Each of our Products

2、 Accurate Search, fast consequence

En. ofweek. com gives favorable user search function; what you need to do is just suggestions your wanted product category, and then you can get your targeted products consequence within incredibly short time.

3、 Qualified Suppliers Database

En. ofweek. com attracts numerous powerful suppliers with good reputation. Customers can look for products and suppliers online, post buy offers as well as questions.

For Suppliers---Order made, Brand Set up, Overseas Market Expanded 1、 Post Products

Suppliers can easily post their particular business information through our system and upload as well as control products meanwhile. You can also hunt for potential buyers through our system and accept inquiries from potential buyers and give quotations until deal shut down.

2、 Exclusive Showroom

We offer a unique display room for each distributor to fully display its own products so as to raise its recognition.

3、 A Full Range of Advertising Channels

We now have hot goods area by our home-page, which is for the promo of warm products coming from qualified suppliers. Our regular EDM is usually sent to abroad...


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