Project Part 1 Variable Layered Protection P Essay


Multi-Layered Security Strategy


Daniel P. Medina

[email protected] com

Student ID#: 13953944

Associate of Technology degree in Network Devices Administration

Paper posted in incomplete fulfillment in the requirements intended for NT 2580 Fundamentals info Security

ITT Technical Start – Clovis CA


To: Supervisor, Mr. Johnson

From: Intern, Daniel Medina

I have assembled the Multi-Layered Security Plan that you asked for and I assume that these are the best courses of actions. These steps will begin in the end user domain and work up towards the remote get domain, providing suggestions to excercise our protection and the satisfaction of our clientele. 1 . Consumer Domain

a. Hold a user training session to see the employees of your user guidelines and right usage of workstations used within the company. To show them how to protect their particular user id's and passwords for their work stations such as not writing down security passwords, or be suspicious of people asking personal inquiries because they may be searching for the user identity and pass word. b. Auditing user activity will help by detecting just how users begin their daily routines within the company network. Doing this allows us to notice points that are misplaced, time, or simply failed attempts to access the workstations. We could also observe bandwidth consumption to see if anyone is downloading or streaming any files or music or what have you. Yet there are ways to keep that by happening inside the workstation website 2 . Workstation Domain

a. The Usage of malware and anti-virus programs may help control the any infected files which make their approach in by immediate quarantine or deletion of said files b. Have a strict coverage on accessing corporate data by placing permissions and enacting policies on the web servers themselves. Just letting certain individuals gain access to that data. c. Deactivate all multimedia ports to reduce the potential of malware or malware attacks. And therefore Most USB ports and all CD and card visitors will be disabled from make use of. 3. LAN Domain

a. Completely making use of network switches with the use of VLANs and other methods. b. WPA2 Encryptions to get Wireless Gain access to Points (WAPs) to secure cellular connections. Also establish a Digital Private Network (VPN) to ensure that those who need to access firm data, can do so securely c. Acquiring server bedrooms from unauthorized access with the addition of extra components of entry, including key playing cards, thumb designs, heavy duty combination locks, and other such protected equipment some. LAN to WAN Site

a. Final off abandoned ports with a firewall or perhaps on the swap itself to lower the chance of unwanted network access n. Monitor incoming IP traffic while especially looking for incoming transmissions that shows signs of malicious objective or invasion. c. Bring up to date all company and software program updates to put in security spots as well as O/S security updates. 5. WAN Domain

a. Enforce encryptions and VPN tunneling pertaining to remote connections as I include explained before. b. Change routers and network firewalls to block titled ping requests to minimize chance of 2 attacks c. Have and enforce anti virus scanning of email accessories

d. Isolate malicious application such as infections, worms, Trojan viruses, etc… when ever found elizabeth. Deployment of redundant online connections to maximize supply 6. Remote control Access Domain name

a. Make a strict end user password guidelines, as well as lock policies to protect against brute force problems. b. The implementation of tokens and have real-time lock procedures in the event token is usually lost or perhaps stolen. c. All hardricves will be encrypted throughout the organization, this includes pcs, laptops, and mobile unit to prevent loss in sensitive info.

I hope this plan fits the needs you have and if you may have any concerns feel free to email about any changes.


Daniel S. Medina



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