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Health, Safety and Security in Into the Social Treatment

A/600/8952 BTEC Nationals 15

Guided learning hours: 70

Aim and purpose

This unit aims to enable scholars to gain an understanding of the wellness, safety and security of individuals in a health and social attention context. They may explore guidelines, policies and procedures and gain a comprehension of the purpose of risk analysis. Learners may also gain a comprehension of how to deal with incidents and emergencies within a health and cultural care environment.

Unit introduction

Health, safety and security are a top priority in all health insurance and social attention (HSC) practice and this product gives students an understanding of key guidelines that underpin work in the sector. In completing the machine, learners can understand how to lower risks for all individuals in HSC options, be that they service users, their friends and family, or staff in the environment. The unit needs a clear knowledge of the language utilized in the circumstance of well being, safety and security. HSC workplaces happen to be complex environments and companies may be sent in well being, residential and day care options as well as increasingly in service users' own homes. At the end from the unit, students should be able to anticipate potential dangers and discover how to make suitable responses to minimise risks, in the circumstance of relevant legal and local coverage requirements. Learners will look into potential problems for individuals in HSC options. Informal findings, particularly during work positions, of how treatment workers put into action safe practice with different service user organizations in different conditions would be beneficial background research. Students could talk about their encounters of different adjustments in class discussions. Case materials, video and/or guest audio system could be beneficial, especially in which access to options is limited. The practical facet of the unit requires learners to conduct a risk examination through examining hazards to get a selected service user group accessing a particular health or perhaps social care setting from your community. Learners will check out how lawful and local requirements provide a platform for adjustments to develop plans and methods relating to protecting and health and safety. A comprehension of the conceivable tensions which may arise with regards to balancing overall health, safety and security factors with, for instance , individual legal rights to independence or choice, will also be investigated. Learners is going to explore the size of incidents and emergencies which may arise in HSC and possible responses to these. This can then lead to more focused thought of the risks arising from a certain incident by a case study, the media or actual experience, and an evaluation of the factors that triggered the incident or unexpected emergency and suggestions of how the danger could have been minimised.

Edexcel BTEC Level three or more Nationals specification in Health and Social Proper care – Issue 1 – June 2010 © Edexcel Limited 2010


The machine provides main knowledge and understanding essential for those employed in HSC options. It will offer a useful overview from which more in depth explorations of selected facets of health, safety and security can be designed, as highly relevant to individual consultant units in the programme. A lot of aspects of the machine can prepare learners ahead of they start up a work- knowledge placement. The system could be complemented with recognised qualifications in first aid, going and controlling, health and safety and food hygiene.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this kind of unit a learner should be able to:

1 a couple of 3 some

Understand potential hazards in health and cultural care Understand how legislation, guidelines and procedures promote health, safety and security in health and interpersonal care configurations Be able to put into practice a risk assessment Figure out priorities and responses in working with incidents and emergencies.


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