Mental Health Management Study Paper


1 .! ntroduction. Ahead of I start with my display, I would like to invite you all to relish a video show. Video Clip (With this video recording I attempted to bring prior to you boys, who have been affected by mental disorder or health issues. But for your kind details, this boy was not simply by born psychologically disable. In the next clip I would really prefer to show you, the cause or contributing factor which led this young man to have problems with such illness. Video Clip. Following viewing the next clip, we could conclude which a criminal act have been committed in-front of these little boy, the shock that could not become absorbed by his small brain and enable him to suffer from these kinds of disorder. (Here I would like to include that the sufferer in the film was the parent brother of that little boy). The purpose of showing these videos are, to create into your notice that not only the biological triggers there are many interpersonal factors that are equally in charge of our mental illness -and that's why We am position this morning in-front of one to talk about -ie MENTAL TREAT TH (1sT Slide)

Air Officer Commanding, Ladies and gentlemen present, Assalamu Alaikum and a good Morning for all of you.

Before I actually go into the information on my demonstration, let me first define precisely what is health & what is mental health. (Slide)

2 . Description Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellness and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity. Therefore , a sound brain in a sound body continues to be recognized as a social suitable for many centuries. Keeping the definition of overall health, in mind, i want to have a look on the definition of mental wellness. In 1950, a world health org Qualified committee on mental well being reviewed the many definitions of mental health and observed Mental health, can be influenced simply by both biological and sociable factors. As per that committee (Slide) it is the. capacity within an individual to create harmonious relations with others and to be involved in, or lead constructively to changes in his social and physical environment.

3. Purpose Keeping the explanation in mind the aim of my this presentation is usually (Slide) to be aware of the natural and social factors adding to mental illness, so that we could guard resistant to the social elements. ( Simply to add a tiny to the target, I will not really go deep into the details of biological factors because which is matter of the pros ie. Psychiatrist)

To achieve my personal aim, I would like to take this opportunity for subsequent 40 minutes in a sequence shown in the screen. (Slide)

4. Collection of Presentation

Historical Background of Psychiatry

Characteristics of the Mentally healthy person

Caution signals of poor mental health

Types of mental illness

Reasons behind mental ill health

Vital points inside the life pattern of person

Prevention of mental illness

Mental wellness services

Psychiatric Treatment received by BAF Personnel

Including the end of my business presentation I will definitely be here to reply to your questions if you have any. (SLIDE)

a few. HISTORICAL QUALIFICATIONS OF PSYCHIATRY To talk onto the historical qualifications of psychiatry, at the moment I recall the situation within our country. Still many people in our country while managing with these kinds of kind of people believes it's far the effect of --------. Before the psychiatry started out any medical advancement, it was the actual picture all over the world. Intended for long the mentally sick were considered to be possessed by simply devils Patients were locked up in taller jail just like building much removed from the centers of population, alone from the rest of society. Through the 20th Hundred years, psychiatry began to make scientific advancement. The publications of Sigmond Freud led to new concepts in the treatment of the mentally ill. The 1930's and early 1940's noticed the introduction of two empirical treatments -insulin coma therapy and electric surprise treatment. Then simply came the...


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