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Module 1 Scientific Concepts and Methodologies Examine Questions Subject: Scientific Methodologies

1 .      How is the clinical method plus the process of scientific research used to fix problems? 2 .      Explain and provide examples of the subsequent components of the scientific method: a.      observation

b.      question

c.      hypothesis

d.      prediction

e.      conclusion

3.      How does creativeness play a role in each of the measures of the scientific process? four.      What is a principle of falsifiability?

five.      Define and give an example of this items in science: a.      fact

n.      theory

c.      law

g.      evidence

elizabeth.      experiment

f.       A discipline study

g.     computational modeling

six. What is crucial when designing a controlled scientific research experiment? several.      What did Galileo perform to obstacle Aristotle's belief that weighty objects show up faster than lighter items? 8. So how does15404 a systems approach be useful to research science? 9. How are technology and technology similar and various?

Topic: Medical Concepts

1 . Define the following branches of science linked to the natural sciences: a. biology

b. hormone balance

c. physics

d. geology

e. astronomy

2 . How come an integrated procedure very helpful and useful in learning more about our normal world? several. How does science differ from art and religious beliefs?

4. Exactly what are some examples of questions that science can answer?  What are samples of questions that science simply cannot answer? five. Define these terms/units of measurement, and describe what they might be within measuring: a. Kilograms

n. Kelvin

c. pH

m. joules

elizabeth. Newtons

n. Liters

g. grams

h. micrometers

we. km/hr

m. millimeters

k. meters/second/second (m/s2)

l. amperes

m. V

n. ohms

o. millivolts

p. nanometers

q. grams per cu centimeter(g/cm3),

l. meters

s. watts

6. What is the equation intended for work?

six. Can an easy machine reduce the total work that is done to move a subject?  Why or why not? � 8....


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