Chemistry Dissertation


1 . Write the well-balanced chemical equation for the subsequent reaction and identify the type of reaction and define this.  ‘Iron III oxide reacts with Aluminium and provides molten straightener and aluminium oxide'. В

2 . Brand the following: В

(a) A metal which is preserved in keroseneВ

(b) A glossy coloured low metalВ

(c) A metal which can melt while kept on palm. В

(d)В A material, which is a poor conductor of warmth.

3. A reddish brownish coloured steel, used in electric powered wires, when ever powdered and heated strongly in an open china dish, its coloring turns dark-colored. When hydrogen gas is passed above this dark-colored substance, it regains their original color. Based onВ the above information answer this questions. В

(i) Brand the material and the dark-colored coloured substance formed. В (ii) Create balanced substance equations for the reactions. В

4. (a) Give an illustration for a combo reaction which can be exothermic. В (b) Discover the oxidising agent, reducing agent in the following reaction. В H2 + Cl2 2HCl

(c) Name the phenomenon because of which the style and smell of slimy food adjustments when kept for a long time in open. Suggest one method to stop it. В

5. (a) Write the brand given to angles that are remarkably soluble in water? Give an example. В (b) How is dental decay linked to pH? How can it be prevented? В (c) Why does bee scam cause pain and irritation? Massaging of preparing soda for the sting region gives relief. How? В

6. (a) Why is calcium mineral starts suspended when added to water? В (b) Almost all of the metals do not give hydrogen while responding with nitric acid. So why? В (c) Write equation for the reaction of flat iron with vapor. Name the compound of iron acquired.

7. (a) In the development of mixture between two atoms A and N, A loses two electrons and M gains a single electron. В (i) Precisely what is the nature of relationship between A and W? В

(ii) Suggest the formula of the compound formed between A and W. (b) Upon similar lines explain the formation of Magnesium Cl2

molecule. В...


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