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Application pertaining to the Position of Assistant Accountant.

In reply to your advertisement in the web page, I was pleased to enclose my Cv to apply for the Assistant Scrivener position of the office in Ho Chi Minh metropolis. As you will see from my own enclosed Curriculum Vitae, my name is Tri and I managed to graduate from Banking University Ho Chi Minh City. My own major can be Accounting – Auditing and i also am learning CAT for IAP middle so that We clearly understand Vietnam accounting specifications as well as international standards. I believe my best trait can be my awareness of detail. This trait offers helped me enormously in this discipline of work. Besides that, We am proficient at keeping a team together and making quality work in a group environment. My personal academic backdrop is normal good and I also passed Toeic evaluation with 660 points. I had formed opportunities to practice in Sao Viet Auditing Company being a official emplyee for 5 months. Doing work in a reputable firm with a specialist environment including Cargill Vietnam Limited,  is one of my own current profession objectives. We strongly believe being part of your company may help me possess a successful upcoming. I are also devoted to learn and contribute to the achievement of the business.  In addition , I am active and enthusiastic. I am willing to learn and do what will take to get a task done well even under pressure or about far quest. I am looking forward to a interview at your office.

Thank you for your account.

Yours consistently,



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