Bio-Psycho-Social Way in Treatment of Post-Traumatic Persistent Widespread Discomfort Essay



ASSIGNMENT #2: Case Assessment

Bio-psycho-social Way in Treatment of Post-traumatic Chronic Widespread Soreness


George Boghozian


April twenty-two, 2012


This newspaper is about researching the case of Mrs. Meters. A.; a 53-year-old female presented with serious widespread discomfort (CWP) in spine, upper body, both knees, and both shoulders furthermore to general muscle stiffness, fatigue, head aches and fatigue. These symptoms are as a result of injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident (MVA) on August 10, 2010. In the next report the result of assessment performed on 04 24, 2011 will be mentioned thoroughly.

Case History

Mrs. Adamian was driver of her Honda Civic in a highway in August 10, 2010 once her car was rear end ended by a minivan. Her car was stopped over a ramp, wherever she only exited the highway. She was moved to medical center by an ambulance, and was admitted to the crisis department to get six hours. She was discharged by hospital the same day and referred to her family physician for follow-up. Mrs. Meters. A. stopped at her friends and family physician two days following the accident complaining about severe discomfort and rigidity in the neck and throat, upper back, mid-back and lower back. She received prescription for pain medication and muscle relaxant, and was likewise known as a treatment clinic, exactly where she had been receiving physical therapy 3 times weekly consisting of electrotherapy, massage, chiropractic care, and active rehab exercises. She's no longer getting regular therapy as the auto insurance company stopped her coverage after 1 . your five year. Her coverage for longer health is incredibly limited and is used up following 10 treatment sessions. The girl still will take pain medicine and performs stretching exercises at your home. She reviews worsening of her pain and general condition since then.

Family, Social, and Work History

Mrs. M. A. is a 53-year-old Lebanese woman with Armenian heritage. She was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and moved to Canada in 1996. You will discover seven children in her family of beginning. Her brothers and sisters reside in Lebanon, Canada and USA. Both these styles parents died; her daddy due to COPD and her mother due to Alzheimer disease.

Her first language is usually Armenian, and she addresses also Arabic, German and English. She gets four friends that the girl keeps touching but not as much as before the crash because the girl always seems tired. Mrs. Adamian would not smoke but consumes liquor socially. She's divorced and lives in a 3 room, 3 history townhouse with her 17-year-old son.

Mrs. Adamian reviews that the lady had a incredibly good relationship with her boy-friend, loved his solid support, and they had programs to move in together and begin a common-law relationship. However , since the car accident, the relationship continues to be changed significantly, so that her boy-friend is not any more interested in a common-law relationship, and he prefers to continue with the current casual-relationship instead.

At the time of the accident, Mrs. M. A. was operating as packer in a beef products company, 5 days and nights per week for any total of 40 to 50 several hours. She states that your woman did not consider any time off work as a result of this crash. Her work demanded plenty of standing and repetitive motion of uppr extremities with a few exertion and lifting by floor to waist. Seeing that she was incapable of appointment these needs, upon obtain of her family medical professional she was put on revised duties (4 days per week for a total of twenty-four hours) four months following your accident. Her attempts to come back to regular several hours and standard duties at work failed, and then for the last 6 months she has been on short-term disability (STD) with the same extended overall health benefit. As her extended health coverage pertaining to rehab companies is very limited, she is as well worried about a continuous litigation while using insurance company acknowledging to fund her health care expenditures. She is very unhappy with her current status because of the...

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