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Descriptive Essay About Mayon Volcano

The Mayon volcano in the Philippines, which has lost its top almost 40 instances menaced regional citizens on Saturday with small eruptions of lava and ash as authorities transferred over 30,000 people to shelters in case of a bigger eruption. In 1866 a sub volcano near the islet of Olosenga was the world of the severe uproar, discharging rocks and dirt to some height of 2000 foot. Chillan's new baths, inside the state around the pitch of the volcano of the name's western part, about 7000 ft.

During the day, the summit (the most effective of the volcano) is surrounded in bright clouds of dust and ash, and dim orange lava becomes obviously visible within the nighttime. Barren Area is a volcano of the overall Sunda group which contains likewise the Pegu collection to which Narcondam goes.

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